Several interesting links around the world

AnimFilmStrip ?Kinopolis
A huge new movie theatre in Viernheim, near Mannheim, Germany. Read more about films, currently shown. You can also find links to movie homepages.

Read rumors about forthcoming movies. (or not?)

?Internet Movie Database - goofs section
Read more about goofs in movies - "goofs" are sort of bugs while filming or cutting.

?IMAX 3D in Sinsheim, Germany
Here you find the current films showing in the IMAX 3D theater in Sinsheim, Germany.

?IMAX in Speyer, Germany
Here you find the current films showing in the IMAX theater in Speyer, Germany.

?IMAX HomePage
The HomePage of IMAX - invented by SONY.

?Kalkofes last words
Oliver Kalkofe is a german tv critic who has a show on PREMIERE, a german pay tv. Read about him.

Watch german TV or read german VideoText! A service from TV-Today.

Listen to title themes from movies or tv series. Some of them in very good quality.

?Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone Image Library

?Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford picture page

?Tyra Banks
Have a look at Tyra Banks.

?Winona Ryder
The Winona Ryder HomePage.

?Gillian Anderson
A Page full of Gillian Anderson pictures. Please send this guy an email telling him how to use thumbnails!!

?The Fake Detective
You're always wondering where these hmmm... nude photos of stars are coming from? See it here! And see how these pictures are made! A great site!

?The Unofficial Dancing Baby Homepage
Shake it, move it, ...


AnimComputer ?DECAdry Print PC Papers
Lots of different paper types for your printer.

Some more paper types in different colors and styles for your printer.

?HTML Reference Manual
Read about HTML. How to do it?

?Browser testpage
Test you browser if it is capable of all the html style tags.

?HTML Doctor
Test you Home Page for correctness! (This site is heartly recommended by me to verify your Home Page. I did that with mine! and it's 100% correct now!)

?Wim's BIOS Page
Look if your BIOS is outdated. Here you can find many different (flash)rom upgrades for your hardware.

?Topwares DInfo
Search online for german telephone numbers or addresses! A very comfortable mask helps you.